The Amazing Advantages of Pool Enclosures

Advantages of Pool Enclosures

Swimming pools are excellent assets to any home. Unfortunately, the weather may turn awry, which would turn outdoor pool parties into cold, rainy chaos in a snap!

Once the colder season arrives, pool owners will have to wait to have fun in their pools or patios during the summer.

If you’re a pool owner, regardless of where you live, you probably wish you could take advantage of your pool and enjoy the waters all year long. But what can you do to enjoy swimming during the cold winter?

Advantages of Pool Enclosures

That is where pool enclosures save the day (or year)! If you want the best indoor and outdoor pool experience, check out the advantages of pool enclosures.

Advantages of Pool Enclosures

Save Money

You’re probably thinking – How can I save more money when I’ll shell out a lot for a pool enclosure?

Well, when you add up the maintenance costs of an outdoor swimming pool, you’ll find that it’s way more expensive than that of an indoor pool!

When you invest in a pool enclosure, you can reduce the maintenance expenses in the long term by:


  • Reduced cost of heating pools, as enclosures will keep cold weather out by trapping the sun’s heat. This helps keep your pool water warm and at a consistent temperature, lessening the need to use a pool heater.
  • You will notice less contamination, evaporation, and water depletion in the pool. As a result, you save money from pool cleaning products, refilling the pool water, and chemicals. It also saves you a lot of time in cleaning and maintenance.

Easy to Clean 

When it comes to pool maintenance, a considerable challenge pool owners face is the cleaning and managing of all the outdoor debris finding its way into the water. As you clean your pool, you’ll probably see leaves, insects, branches, trash, and even patio furniture after a strong storm!

When you have a pool enclosure, owners spend far less time having to scrub, skim, sanitize and pick up unwanted dirt and debris. Your pool stays protected from the harsh elements, so it also means you don’t have to replace pool covers, liners, or filters as often as an outdoor pool requires.

It ties back to benefit #1 and how you save a lot of time in pool cleaning and maintenance. Instead of spending your time taking care of the pool, you can jump right in and have more fun than trying to keep it clean all the time!

Fewer Chemical Irritants 

To maintain a clean pool to swim in safely, owners must maintain proper chemical balance.

However, if you pour too many chemicals to adjust or stabilize the pH levels of the pool, it may cause skin and eye irritation for swimmers. Moreover, adding far fewer chemicals than you should result in green or cloudy water from algal or bacterial accumulation in the water.

Pool enclosures can help with that. Once you enclose your pool, the amount of pollutants, phosphates, and pathogens entering the swimming pool are significantly reduced. That way, you won’t have to add harsh pool chemicals continually, but you’ll still enjoy a clean, blue pool.

Swim All Year Long

 Advantages of Pool Enclosures 

One primary reason people invest in pool enclosures is that it allows them to swim all year round. You, friends, and family members can enjoy the patio and pool no matter how cold or hot it gets outside!

Pool enclosures will make the house everyone’s gathering place for poolside play and entertainment. Such spaces are well-ventilated, thermally regulated, and give proper humidity control for everyone’s comfort no matter the season.

No Need for a Gym

When you have access to your pool all year long, you don’t only keep the winter blues away. You have the chance to swim and exercise, which is excellent for your overall health.

Swimming is one of the best exercises as it helps with cardiovascular health, increases endurance, and builds strength without putting too much impact on the bones and joints.

Thanks to a pool enclosure, being able to swim any time of the year can give you the home gym you need. Save more money on gym memberships and equipment!

Besides the health benefits mentioned above, swimming is a great exercise for people with disabilities, injuries, arthritis, or other conditions that make high-impact workouts tough to perform. Swimming also improves mental health and is a fun, cooling workout as you’re underwater. 

Advantages of Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosures Look Great

Pool enclosures aren’t only functional, but they are also aesthetically pleasing! We offer pool and patio enclosures with different custom configurations, colors, styles, and more features. Owners can choose among many different enclosure designs and have them custom-made to meet any specific preferences or house styles.

Whether you have a modern home or a traditional-looking one, you can avail a pool enclosure that fits your home’s style and individual preference. Guests will be impressed as they visit your home and see how seamless the enclosure blends into the space without trying.


Better Security

Enclosed pools don’t only protect the pool from debris; they can also protect your children and pets. As long as you lock the pool enclosure after use, children or animals won’t risk falling into the water.

You get to manage who and what will enter your pool, so you won’t have to worry about the kids getting in the pool unsupervised as they play in the yard.


Advantages of Pool Enclosures: Conclusion

Swimming pool enclosures are one of the best investments you’ll make as a homeowner who wants to maintain the pool while saving in the long run. It’s perfect for those who want a safe and relaxing space not only for swimming but to enjoy the outdoors without being hit by the extreme weather any time of the year.

Hopefully, you found insight on why pool enclosures are worth the investment based on the benefits it offers. If you’re interested in getting an enclosure for your pool, check out what we have to offer here at CIP!