Benefits of Transforming Outdoor Public Pool into an Indoor Pool

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If you’re a manager of the community’s public pool, you’re probably considering convincing your municipality to invest in an enclosure. Or you probably noticed that your public pool is in a building slowly disintegrating, resulting in costly repairs and closures. That’s why it’s beneficial to transform an outdoor public pool into an indoor pool with an aluminum retractable roof enclosure!

The enclosure of municipal pools continues to be a rising trend throughout different parts of the world, and for a good reason. Older facilities under city management or long-established businesses are discovering that they must compete with many other activity choices available for the public’s entertainment. Everyone is looking for cost-effective and unique long-term investments that remain sustainable and environment-friendly.

Whether it’s the community public pool, spa, or even hotel pools, managers who enclosed their pools report its value. Adding a retractable roof enclosure for an outdoor swimming pool has improved the area’s aesthetic and results in economic operations. Read on to learn all about the benefits of transforming an outdoor public pool into an indoor pool!


Why Turn an Outdoor Public Pool into an Indoor Pool?

Pool Enclosure over Public Pool

Two significant factors drive a manager’s need to consider investing in a pool enclosure. There’s a comeback in interest in swimming’s recreational and health benefits, for starters. Secondly, tons of different distractions and forms of entertainment attract the public’s attention and buy-in.

When you enclose the pool, you get to cater to rising needs to make the pool more competitive, among other options. If your local municipality questions the need to keep a public pool anymore, we strongly recommend not closing down the facilities. Even if you don’t plan on adding enclosures, these local community pools are worth keeping.

Why? Not only is an outdoor public pool a recreational facility, but it’s also a public health service. Managers just need to make changes to make it more attractive and valuable to the public for both parties’ sake.

And what that said, here are the following benefits managers can reap when transforming an outdoor public pool into an indoor pool:


Enhance Attendance Rates From an Outdoor and Indoor Pool

When you enclose your facility, you get to have people visit your pool in various ways.

Firstly, your pool will appear even more attractive on the whole. From the public’s perspective, the public pool they have continually walked and drove past now looks excitingly new and refreshing. The pool they once knew looks even more unique and modern, having a state-of-the-art look that entices them inside.

New Zealand Fixed Pool Enclosures

In fact, it’s said that newly enclosed municipal pools have experienced an increase in attendance by a whopping 400%! Old municipal pools would usually escape the public eye, but once they see a brand-new facility, it creates a novelty that would prompt many people to visit and try the waters.

Furthermore, with a pool enclosure, your facility stays open all year long, offering various programming. You get to meet the ever-changing needs of your community’s growing population. Regardless of the weather, swimmers will enjoy your pool, whether rain or shine, windy or snowy.

Managers would usually choose retractable enclosures so the roofs and walls remain open during the summer. That way, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a sunny day by the pool.

But during the colder months, the pool remains warm and protected from the weather. You can also control the climate so people can swim amid the beautiful rainy and snowy views. As a result, people will feel satisfied, wanting to come back every time.

Because of that helpful feature, your pool won’t have to stay idle for months on end. You won’t even need to close during the winter season because anyone can come at any time of the year. Your attendance rates will shoot up compared to before since you have more open days.


Increase Revenue Turning an Outdoor Public Pool into an Indoor Pool

Attendance and more programming equate to more revenue, which is an obvious benefit! That said, we’re aware that this can result in higher operational costs.

But when your facility remains open for 4-6 months during the summer, you can remove some of the operating costs. Because of that, you get a pool that earns even more money, especially since you stay open all year long.

Sure, there are times when your facility experiences closures. It’s inevitable as there are planned program closures for pool maintenance and whatnot. But you are assured that it isn’t the weather causing any closure or poor revenue growth!


Save on Energy

When you have a retractable roof installed on your pool, you can close and open the roof whenever you want to. At Covers In Play, we can install enclosures with state-of-the-art technology so you can customize the way you use your enclosure with a press of a button.

The main lights don’t need to remain on throughout the day since the sunlight keeps the area well-lit. You can also switch off the dehumidification system when opening the roof, simply operating the fans. You get to save a lot of money on energy bills that way.

When choosing aluminum enclosures, the thermally broken aluminum frames will resist heat and energy transfer, keeping the solar heat that your heating system generates. This is a great benefit during the winter, as the ambient heat gain won’t overwork the heating systems.


Save on Chemicals

Besides saving your heating systems from a short lifespan and being overworked, which requires more repairs and maintenance, you can also experience lower energy usage. Managers can save as much as 30% on your energy bills every year.

You don’t only save on energy with a pool enclosure; you can also reduce pool chemical costs. There’s no need to use as many chemicals in the pool compared to traditional outdoor pools. This is especially during the cold season when the roof is closed most times.

Since your pool won’t be exposed to the outdoors, it experiences less exposure to microorganisms and windborne pollutants entering the water. Those pollutants would increase your need to add more chemical treatments to your pool!

Instead of spending a lot of time, money, chemicals, and effort in pool maintenance, you have a better maintenance routine to keep proper chlorine and pH levels. No more worrying about having to give your pool too many shock treatments or play around with different materials for damage control.

Furthermore, you won’t have as much dirt and debris around the pool when enclosing the pool. You protect the pool and reduce the cleaning costs and efforts.


Improve Water and Air Quality

With less dirt and pollutants in your pool, it will have better water quality. Your pool water is cleaner and will have fewer chemicals, as mentioned above. This results in fewer airborne chemicals, so you have a space and pool feeling and smelling fresher.

All of that can help improve the pool, its ambiance, and even all your swimmers’ health. There are fewer breathing difficulties connected with chlorine, less odor, and a more sanitary environment.

Besides improved water quality, the pool area also experiences improved air quality. In particular, retractable enclosures give your pool an edge over traditionally enclosed pools, as everyone gets the best of both indoor and outdoor swimming experiences. Compared to retractable roofs, a traditional aquatic building would trap air in, allowing chemical-laden air to come out from the roof.

With better air quality comes a more breathable and enjoyable atmosphere. This ties back to increased attendance as swimmers will want to come back and stay longer. An enclosure will also help keep the staff happier!


More UV Protection


Pool enclosures can protect your pool and swimmers as they can add protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Swimmers and the staff can stay in and around your pool for even longer with the UV-protected panels. That way, you can reduce the risk of sunburn, a very common and irritating poolside companion.

When opening the roof during a hot summer day, there will be less protection; the areas of cover and shade will stay if a swimmer requires some relief!

Aluminum Indoor Pool Enclosures 

When you’re transforming your outdoor public pool into an indoor pool, you need to think of what enclosure to get. That’s why we recommend aluminum enclosures, which won’t contribute to any ongoing maintenance costs. Aluminum is considered maintenance-free as the material can resist corrosion and rust.

Moreover, the bolts and connections are made of stainless steel, with the enclosure experiencing a baked-on painting technique. As a result, you won’t have to go through repainting, lessening repair and maintenance costs. Plus, aluminum is an extremely strong material that can last for years to come.

Here at Covers In Play, we offer retractable enclosures and retractable roof systems for pools, among other different styles and designs. These enclosures come in various sizes, shapes, and materials made to protect your pool and swimmers. Furthermore, you can choose a retractable roof that you can close or open according to the pool’s needs and preferences.

Our enclosures aren’t only made from aluminum, but you can opt for retractable features that look aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. That way, you can experience the many benefits mentioned above, whether you have a public or private pool.


Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, you learned all about the benefits of transforming an outdoor public pool into an indoor pool. From increased revenue to better attendance, pools will always benefit from an enclosure, a cost-effective solution. You just need to make sure you get the right one from a reputable company.

If you are heavily considering an enclosure for your public pool, contact us at Covers In Play to learn about your options. We’ll be glad to discuss the different enclosures and services we can provide.