Does My Homeowner Insurance Cover My Swimming Pool?

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Swimming pools and swimming pool covers and rollers are now considered a modern-day luxury. The need for them is now increasing in every household. This is something children are very fond of. But have you thought whether your home insurance coverage is well equipped to cover its expense or not? Let’s find out in this article.

If you are concerned about whether it will be covered or not we have good news for you. It would be covered but be prepared to pay a hefty sum of premium in return for it. To ease your understanding, we would like to put this in bullet points:

  • You would be charged a heavy insurance premium once you wish to cover the swimming pool in it too.
  • If, unfortunately, any mishappening happens with someone in your pool, don’t panic. Your insurance will take the cover of it, provided you have to increase your liability limit.

Do simple homeowner insurance cover any accident in a swimming pool?

Yes, most homeowner insurances throughout the world are part of an active liability of basic plan. All it requires is to have active liability coverage with it. Most of the US state data suggests that this liability limit is set to $100,000.


As per Insurance Information Institute, we have gathered some famous views on the same. People do call a pool an ‘attractive nuisance’as it will increase risks as liabilities. Thus, it’s suggested that if you own a pool, you must have a policy known as “umbrella policy” that will be an overall plan for covering your liabilities.

Precautions that comes with it:

There are certain precautions that homeowners need to take before giving the order for one.

See that your Local state law well complies with your home insurance plan as there are certain states across the globe where for you to avail insurance over swimming pool first you need to have a good drainage system in case of emergency and system to alarm everyone.

Also, as mentioned earlier, be prepared to pay an increase in your insurance plan.

Will my home insurance plan take care of any damage to the pool?

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We are sure that many of us would be familiar with the word “PERIL”. Peril is a phenomenon where insurance covers any damage done to the retractable roof, pool cover roller, or equipped with automatic pool covers, including natural disaster. But there has been a catch that your peril won’t be of any use in the case of any natural calamity. For these, you need some add-ons as coverage, and to get it, you can use “rider policy”.

Special Cases: There are certain cases where you need to be vigilant even if your home insurance covers damage to your pool or its retractable roof,pool cover roller,pool enclosures orautomatic pool covers. There are the cases ofthe water freezing. So by state law,you must drain out the water in case of snow as it won’t be covered under the general insurance plan. However, the covered cases are like a tree falling, so most of the time would be covered by it.

According to some well-known insurance firms,

Coverage Whether included or not?
Any additional living expense Yes
Water damage Yes
Structure Damage Yes
Any Personal belongings Yes
Any Personal Liability Yes
internet liability Yes*
Special ornaments Limited, but requires some add-on*
Service cables Yes*
Equipment failure Yes
Flood No**
Electrical cut off Yes*
Earthquake No*
Wind storm Yes, but high winds are not covered***

*Only available in the form of add on not an actual part of the plan.

** insurance related to flood is only made available by some of the insurance authorities with NFIP.

*** If you are someone living near an area where hurricane,typhoons or storms are normal, then install a windstorm rider for your safety

Most of the time, damage covered is dependent on the pool you own

Before understanding this, we need to understand a swimming pool is divided into three parts as insurance providers. First is the dwelling structure, then comes coverage of personal property, followed by the third being liability coverage.

Now let us understand that you could repair it under dwelling structure damage in the case of damage to your house or your swimming pool. Next, in the case of personal property, it includes your electronic liability of the swimming pool. Like in the case that your neighbour sues you for his child’s injuries in your pool, you could use your liability coverage for his loss.

Some pool safety tips for safe swimming

  • Make sure that your homeowner insurance is aware of your swimming pool
  • Installing a system for alarming and fencing
  • Learn to deliver CPR and water rescuing techniques
  • Learn how you can shut off the filters
  • Never leaving kids behind unsupervised
  • Performing regular maintenance
  • Correctly cover your swimming pool



If one follows these basic safety norms and has full liability coverage via respectable home insurance, the swimming pool would be all fun, no pain. Also, get some retractable pool roof to have an extra layer of security.