automatic pool covers

Automatic Pool Covers

Pioneers In Creating Automatic Cover Reels

We are lead innovators in creating automatic covering systems for inground pools in New Zealand. Our patented drive system operates the solar cover, in a few minutes and without making any noise. Years of experience in the industry has made us the harbingers of engineering high-quality automatic covers that are light-weight, easy-to-use and maintainable. They are durable, safe and flexible to use without causing any inconvenience and within budget.


About Our Pool Covers

Environment Friendly

Our pool covers reduce the rate at which water evaporates, and thus preserving the valuable source of the planet – water – from dirt, debris and other rubbish. The covers retain the heat inside the pool water and thus no longer need to depend on pool heaters. All this culminates into reduced utility bills and saving on swimming pool cleaning and maintenance.


Our Automatic Pool Covers are indispensable to maintain your inground swimming pools while notching up the aesthetics of your property. We are proud of our in-house team that has proficiency to build pool covers inspired from Roman, Grecian and other European designs. Having acquired the latest tools and technologies have made us capable to deliver covers for pools with every possible design imaginable.

Built to Last

Weather can be unpredictably harsh on people and properties. Generally, our automatic pool covers have an industry leading 2-year warranty. Our team deploys the highest-quality material and technologies to scale up the efficiency of the products. The products are quality tested to ensure they can withstand the extremes of the weather.

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Simplified & Safe Design

Our automatic pool cover reels have simplified design with no metal cables, rollers or drums. The state-of-the-art drive system opens and closes the reel within a few minutes. They come with automatic features that eliminate the need of manual intervention. Also, this keeps your children safe from accidental drowning or sustaining injuries. Enjoy complete freedom, and flexibility with our pool cover reels offering exceptional comfort to residential and commercial property owners.


We have earned industry-appreciation for creating the first fully-automatic pool cover reel in the world. All thanks to the eco-friendly design and innovative features that can help you cut down hundreds of dollars on swimming pool maintenance. They significantly add more years to the life of your pool with other equipment such as the pool pump and heater used less often. Experience the ultimate comfort and convenience without spending an exorbitant sum of money with our products.

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  • Easy-to-Use & Maintain
  • Innovative Design for Quick Operation
  • No ugly cables, ropes or strings needed
  • Safety Features
  • Cover and uncover in minutes
Added Benefits
  • Saves on Regular Chemical Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Conserves Water
  • Maintains Pool Temperature
  • Highest-Level of Hygiene
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our automatic pool cover reels come with a 2-year warranty. They are built to last and made from durable plastic to enjoy for years to come.

Certainly. Our retractable swimming pool covers are ideal for both residential and commercial property use. These are uniquely designed to protect your pools, allowing you to open & close the reels within a few minutes.

Our automatic pool cover consists of a safety key feature that helps to cover and uncover the pool with the push of a button. They work without any manual intervention and ensure pool cover will not operate without a key.

It’s easy to maintain solar pool covers. Below are some basic steps that you need to follow:

  • Leave the cover off the pool after adding chemicals.
  • Inspect/clean the pool cover regularly.
  • Remove dirt and debris from the cover regular
  • Look for obstructions
  • When the pool is uncovered and the temperatures is above 32C the solar pool cover should be coved with a white opaque polyethylene protector.

Yes. Yes. It is an outstanding product that offers amazing benefits, which includes:

  • Cost-effective solution that pays dividends every time it is used
  • Save on chemicals & water loss from evaporation
  • Helps keep the pool warm
  • Easy maintenance