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Automatic Retractable Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosure Volley Ball New Zealand

Give your pools and patios an extra layer of protection with our retractable enclosures. They are designed to create an oasis that protects you against extreme weather all year.

Our focus on engineering keeps the finest tastes and preferences of people who prefer next-gen products to renovate their properties.

We give due credit to our think tank that conceptualized and crafted the patented drive to simplify operating our enclosed pool.

Simply push a button to open and close the cover as per your needs! Regardless of the season, Retractable pool covers are fully-functional giving incredible satisfaction to the customers.

Automatic Retractable Pool Enclosure Open New Zealand

Pool Enclosures are easy to operate using the patented automatic drive system.

They are light-in-weight yet offer strength to the entire structure. In a matter of a few minutes, the bays open and close effortlessly.

You’ve full control over how much or how little to open the cover using our push button controls.

Fixed PATIO Enclosures
Fixed Pool Enclosure New Zealand

Our durable fixed patio enclosures are a trusted choice of many customers for years.

They do not have any movable parts. Yet the enclosures offer insurmountable strength against extreme weather conditions.

They are the perfect accessory to enclose your swimming pools, patios or any outdoor space throughout the year.


About Our FIXED AND RETRACTABLE Pool Enclosures

Durable Against Extreme Weather

Our enclosures have been designed, engineered, and manufactured to stay strong against the general climatic conditions in New Zealand.

All the resource material (aluminum, acrylic sheets, etc.) is sourced from the finest suppliers to meet the design needs of every enclosure. With our state-of-the-art system in place, expect the final product to be a masterpiece with all the integrated technologies to make your life convenient.

Be assured that our pool domes can support and sustain heavy rains, strong winds, snowfall, and all other external weather.

Custom Design

We offer an exciting array of designs for our customers. Enclosed pools are designed to meet the standard and futuristic concepts adopted worldwide.

From the traditional, modern to the next-gen choices, enclosure are designed to meet a myriad range of lifestyle needs.

We have different types of fixed and telescopic pool enclosures for residential and commercial properties.

Explore the variety of paints and finishes available to match the architecture of your property.

You can also have windows and doors installed to add more value to our pool dome.


Enclosed pools are made to withstand the varied climate of New Zealand, ranging from the humid subtropical in the north to low temperature in the extreme south.

They are built using stainless steel hardware components to add strength to the overall structure.

All the parts used come with a warranty that generally ranges from 10 to 20 years.

New Zealand Pool Enclosure Lean to Large Pool Enclosure New Zealand

Swimming pool enclosures are growing popular worldwide. They do not just act as a functional solution to protect pools and patios but also improve aesthetics.

We offer indoor outdoor pool enclosures with Sloped, Dome, Gable, and Hip style roofs.

We are proud of our practical and elegant designs, that have carved a niche in the market.

Fully Retractable Pool Roof

Our products have innovative features that make them a perfect choice for swimmers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, and other commercial property owners.

Just a simple push to the button enables you to regulate the movement of the cover.

Keep it half-opened or open it all the way; you’ve all the choices at the tip of the finger. No manual exertion is needed to pull the cover.

Tall Pool Enclosure New Zealand
  • Ensures swimming year-round
  • Glazing offers UV protection
  • Prohibits entry of bugs, flies, and other creatures
  • Acts as a wall against rain, wind, and snow
  • No manual efforts needed for operating cover
Additional Benefits
  • Reduces the need of regular cleaning/maintenance
  • Conserves water as evaporation is reduced.
  • Collected water and snow drain out without physical effort
  • Effective safety features
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Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed. All our retractable enclosures are customized for every client’s needs. We've a vast collection of enclosures designs with futuristic and innovative concepts that meet the modern lifestyle & your interiors.

Whether you have a commercial or residential property, we can support your project needs.

Please feel free to call us at (04) 831-8862 today.

Yes. Our swimming pool enclosures work amazingly well with all types of inground pools. So, simply let us know the size and configuration of your pool, and our team will cater to your requirements. Get in touch with our team today.

Yes. Most often, enclosed pools are considered a building that meets the local and national building code. It’s always a good idea to contact the local town or city bylaws before considering an enclosure.

Of course. Not only does it protect from the harsh UV rays from the sun, but it also extends the life of the chlorine in your pool

Yes. The major difference between the two is the ease of use. With a push of a button you can open it; no manual effort is required. However, we offer both types of enclosures.

So if you’re planning to install an enclosure but are not sure of the type, need not worry. Our team of experts can guide you through choosing the right enclosure for your pool. Contact us today.