Dream Pool Pergolas for Around the Pool

If you own a backyard pool, you probably already know that this is a fantastic place to relax and cool down. Picture the tranquil waters and enjoy a drink by the pool deck, which is the perfect area to unwind during your days off. You can even host pool parties with friends and family, enjoying a delicious barbecue and diving into the cold waters.

pool pergolas

So, it makes sense to invest in your pool, not just by caring for it regularly but to also improve its overall design. One way you can do so is by adding a beautiful pool pergola, which can complete your backyard’s appearance.

When you have a pergola over pool, you can control the shade in and around the pool, making your yard look even more luxurious! One of the added benefits of a backyard pool pergola is that there are so many different designs to choose from. But this might leave you wondering: What design is best for your pool and yard?

Read on as we share dream pergolas for around the pool you can use as inspiration.


Dream Pool Pergolas 

A backyard pool pergola is both attractive and functional, being structured with lattice-style roofs to provide shade for homeowners. Because of its versatility, it’s the perfect way you can extend your outdoor living area.

If you’re stuck choosing a good design for your poolside pergola, here are 13 ideas to choose from:


Traditional-Style Pergola Pool with Privacy Walls

The major benefit of pergolas is how they create shade. However, privacy may be an issue. Fortunately, you can get a backyard pool pergola with a privacy wall on one or more sides. That way, you have the privacy you want, which is perfect if you want a pergola over a spa pool or hot tub.

If this design suits you, you can create a privacy wall matching the style of your pergola pool, so neighbors won’t be able to see into your space. You can also request that the upper part of your privacy walls are slatted, which will give you more natural light but none of the visibility.


Pool Pergolas For Your Outdoor Dining Area

Do you love lounging by the pool area while enjoying your lunch? Or do you foresee a ton of barbecues by the poolside in the future?

You’re going to love pool pergola ideas that involve going over the side of the pool and by the outdoor dining area. That way, you and your guests can enjoy a sumptuous feast under the shade while having direct access to the pool. It’s much more comfortable than having to dine under the direct sun!


Pool Pergolas By the Pool Entrance

While having a pergola covering your entire home may sound lucrative, it isn’t practical or cost-effective! Unless you have the budget for it, other pool pergola ideas also work, such as having one built by the entrance.

Doing so allows you to build a pergola over your pool in a way, and because the entrance is a high-traffic area, it’s a good idea. People who get in and out of your pool will get the shade they need, and they have somewhere to lounge in as they dip their feet.


Poolside Lounge Area

What do you do when you’re in or by the pool? You lounge, of course! When the weather’s perfect, you’ll want to head out to enjoy the sun and natural air.

But there is one problem, though – Direct heat and sunlight. Sun is good because of vitamin D, but too much of it will leave a nasty sunburn. Plus, it’s way too uncomfortable sitting under direct sunlight for hours!

If you want to experience ultimate pool lounging, create a comfortable area to sit in with shade. There are freestanding pergola pool ideas that can match whatever vibe you’re going for. If you want the rustic feel of a traditional pool pergola, you can opt for a brick foundation and stone-paved pool deck.

For those living in cooler areas come fall to winter, have a stone fireplace for extra warmth come nighttime. This makes your backyard perfect for every season.


Double-Attached Pool Pergolas on Upper Decks

Pool pergolas don’t need to be by the pool or directly in your backyard. It’s possible to build a pergola on the second-story deck. Ask your contractor about building a double-attached pergola that will be held up from one part of your house.

It looks cute as it overlooks the pool, which gives you a fantastic view with shade. This type of pool pergola is a suitable option to ensure you can use the deck any time of the year. It’s also a great option if you have no space to build a pergola over your pool.


Two Pool Pergolas for More Shade

Rather than have a pergola over pool, why not try a simple 4-column pergola on one side of your pool, then have another longer pergola on the other?

The longer pergola can be about three times longer than the other pergola to cover the entire pool length. You can use the longer pergola for shaded spaces like lounging, dining, or outdoor living. It’s also beneficial when you’re cleaning the pool or grilling in the barbecue area, as you have shade to do the work!


Wrapping It Up

We hope that these pergola pool ideas gave you more inspiration on what to get for your backyard! These structures are a great way to upgrade your outdoor area while giving everyone a usable outdoor space to truly feel at home no matter the season.

So, don’t wait any longer and start searching for local contractors in your area who can build a gorgeous pergola according to your needs! And while you’re at it, if you’re considering a pool cover or enclosure, contact us now for our services.